About Elizabeth

I have integrated many fields of study to be the practitioner of the healing arts I am today. I began my life as a Navy brat, traveling the country with my five siblings. In college, I studied English Literature and traveled extensively outside the US studying in Austria for a year to learn the language. I sought to pass on the love of ideas and stories found in books by studying to be a teacher. Once in the classroom, I was drawn more dramatically to the people before me, their conflicts and stories. I returned to graduate school and earned a Master’s of Science in Clinical Counseling.

My internships were varied so as to expose myself to different types of people and issues. I worked in a community mental health clinic, at the Maine Veterans Home, as a chaplain at Maine Medical Center. After taking some years to raise my three adopted children, I returned to my profession with a new and profound sense of human development. I think of it as my Marriage and Family Internship. I use all my training and life experiences to bring humanity and humility to my clients. I continue to learn and grow through training on a variety of topics including veterans, specific populations like refugees and immigrants, the elderly and children, religion and spirituality in therapy, ethics, technology and therapy, issues in sexuality, substance use and abuse, Polyvagal Therapy, Trauma Based Interventions, Vocational Interventions, crisis management, and domestic violence. I have an individual supervisor, attend several peer supervision groups and make use of therapy in my own life.

I love being outdoors in all kinds of weather. I’ve practiced yoga steadily for about five years. I am still in the throws of life with children, but they are growing older and transitioning to adulthood. I love being in private practice so that I can have the flexibility I need to meet both my family’s and client’s’ needs.